SEO / Inbound Marketing
An ongoing SEO and inbound marketing campaign has improved (or maintained top position) search rankings on eighty percent of the client’s key search terms and increased unique visitors to their website by nearly 200% in a six month period.

Website development
We developed a new website for a retail products manfacturer, replacing their old ‘tables’ formatted site. The new site, built on an easy-to-use CMS system has achieved a page 1 Google position on the company’s key search term in under two months, prior to any additional off-site marketing. The client is now also able to administer the site in-house, allowing greater control over content with reduced costs.

A brand awareness and distributor support campaign for a range of display materials achieved its three-year objective of establishing the brand as the UK’s market leader in its class.

Integrated marketing
An ongoing multi-channel campaign for a client in the construction industry has seen monthly website traffic for the company grow from tens to thousands over a five year period and has helped to establish this client as a leader in its field.

Direct Marketing
A recent targeted direct mail campaign for a client in the construction sector gained a response rate of 2.5% resulting in a direct return on investment of approximately 600% - in addition to improved brand awareness (which has not been measured).



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